Awesome Batman Arkham Leather Jacket With Vest

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Awesome Batman Arkham Leather Jacket With Vest

Cult and street style fashion leather outfit – the local community batman cult outfit will suit you as a young teenager.

Imagine if a group of friends wears this symbolic leather jacket, you will be a known name in the neighborhood. Youngsters and youth who love doing parkour will find this Batman Arkham leather jacket suitable with their activity.

So play basketball, hang-out in the streets, or be a part of the community intelligence networks – this is the leather outfit for you. As intelligence networks operate in community, the hooded feature will keep you hidden and low.

Hackers and clubbers, gamers will always find a sentimental bonding with the hood. Stay low, stay hidden and operate like an operative.

Street style fans have a neat outfit to show off in the street, in the basketball courts, in the cafes, in the backyards, at the gym or while cycling.

Sporty looks make you feel more smarter and you want to act swiftly and run about. Since its leather outfit, the hooded part also protects against rainy showers. Put on some shades in a rainy season and you have a photo opportunity.

Pick up a construction site, wear your Batman Arkham leather hooded jacket, get the shades and you have a perfect spot to model yourself. Wear faded grayish black slim-fit denims and sneakers, you are set to go.

Get your photo session done, get any designer to play around with your photo and adjust – you will have your poster ready.

  • 100% original pure leather jacket
  • Comes with batman symbol and logo on the front and back
  • Hooded leather jacket is also supplied with a waistcoat to upgrade your style
  • Custom color also available

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