Black Brando Biker Heavy Duty Distressed Jacket

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Black Brando Biker Heavy Duty Distressed Jacket

Tough, Rough, Gritty, Halloween, Biker Delight, Retro, mental meanness, toughness roughed up.

A chopper community event lines up in your city, a sports event, a crazy motor flying show comes up in your city or you join a walkathon – wouldn’t you want to look different and separate from the rest of the crowd? Unusual but highly dominating outfit surely grabs attention.

Walk into a carnival, shopping fest and you would be catching attention if you are an extrovert. People with passion for PR, will find the biker leather jacket as a perfect outfit for instant selfie sessions.

Show of strength; the gritty, Grucho-styled tough, steel metal hard personality like leather jacket has an overall impression of mean toughness.

If you are the survivor of life and its challenges - Built to last, the tough looking double-lapelled leather jacket has the retro style. Set on a cross-country journey with your friends, wearing the same heavy metal type leather jacket – you will be nationally recognized biker cult group.

If you are a rock metal fan – this is the leather jacket showcasing the toughness of your persona. People with can-do attitude, who don’t like to hear a no; who are war-hardened by challenges of life – will love this tough attitude leather jacket.

Cross-country tour, long-drives, friends reunion, music concerts – Brando biker heavy duty leather jacket is for all such occasions.

  • Show the tougher side of you
  • 100% pure leather
  • Larger-than-life genuine leather – upgrades your impression in friends
  • You will get attention, praise of your choice
  • Comfortable with hand-finished leather
  • Soft inner lining to keep itch-free
  • Real rough and tough leather outfit only for the stone-hearted and furious mind

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