Cafe Racer Retro Moto Distressed Leather Jacket

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Cafe Racer Retro Moto Distressed Leather Jacket

The ultimate street style biker boys leather jacket is yours. Full of youthful impression and energy of the Y generation is all what this leather jacket carries.

Sporty, energetic, enthusiastic, youthful, determined and experienced is the impression you will exhibit and display in this leather outfit. If you are a sportsman, this will be your uniform. If you are a workout professional or amateur, this leather jacket will suit your body figure.

With a bike, your whole personality is upgraded in this biker leather jacket. Go to a club in the night, settle in the pulse of the evening and you will feel your personality is comfortable in the grunge looks of the leather jacket.

Made to last, with hand-made finishing, the best feature is the fading of the black into the gray shades – that speaks of your style as experienced, most travelled and most intelligent yet subtle and quiet.

This is also a perfect outfit for the university students who love hanging out and expressing energetic vibes. If you want to look ahead, foreign and street-smart, this leather jacket has all the powers.

Durable and tough yet soft on the inside – the biker leather jacket grows grace with time – making you look more sober and approachable.

  • 100% pure leather – made to last, wear and tear makes it more attuned to your body.
  • Biker’s delight – wear it as biking outfit or a casual fashion accessory, you will not look out of trend.
  • Hand-made and hand-finished to give you softer, cleaner, well finished outfit.

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