Fashionable Biker Distressed Leather Jacket

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Fashionable Biker Distressed Leather Jacket

The industrial, grunge, the rough, the strong, the aviator style leather jacket is for you to flaunt and experiment with style. Get a professional photographer, aviation glasses and head down to the industrial zones, the abandoned and rusty places – the perfect spots to show your tough persona.

Your photo-shoot in this scenario will project you as uber-fashion stylist. This is a novel combination nobody has yet tried in your circle.

Best will to have a Harley Davidson or triumph heavy bike chopper. The heavy-bike lifestyle suits this leather jacket, which will look perfected with these accessories. Pitch green aviator sunglasses will steal the moment.

You will be a competition with this styling combination. Your friends, peers and onlookers will feel a league or step behind when you try this leather jacket which is 100% genuine and hand-finished to give you the natural feel of leather.

People around you will see you as industrious, hard-working, calculated and schematic – the charm of this leather jacket projects such vibes.

Lead the moment, your reunion, late-night club meet-ups and get together – this biker leather jackets expresses comfort, confidence, welcoming dimension. The leather outfit makes you look approachable but with considerable respect.

  • Pure leather – never gets depreciated. The wear and tear adds more charm and grace to leather, making it more sophisticated and softer
  • 100% pure genuine hand-finished original leather – no mixing of synthetic fabrics, inner lining is additional to original leather for softer wearing experience.
  • Leather grows more soft was it wears out with time.
  • Stylish and dominant over other upper apparel. Nothing commands more than a leather jacket, only if its original leather.
  • Shine wears out, instead grace and sophistication takes over – adjusting with your body structure, the leather jacket then perfectly fits your body figure. This makes your own fashion signature.

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