Fashionable Black Motorcycle Distressed Leather Jacket

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Fashionable Black Motorcycle Distressed Leather Jacket

Take the Hollywood features into your style, the super-hero getup or get transformed with the intelligent yet humble Tom Cruise look.

Trying out and experimenting with styles keeps you in focus and doesn’t blur you out from gatherings. A new style everyday also brands you as fashion conscious. The faded, distressed Tom Cruise styled leather jacket, which was featured in Jack Reacher series – if you are Tom Cruise fan, this leather jacket is your necessary weapon.

STYLE and CHARM: The first impression this leather jacket gives is of an intelligent and smart person who is a great planner. The second impression it gives is of an avid learner and travelers. As the leather jacket is slim, minimalist, travelers will find it quite amusing and would love to wear it.

Third impression is of an active businessman. A person who is looking for opportunities; one who loves walking the markets and exploring items and people.

Impression on People: The distressed and faded black leather jacket makes you approachable, humble, soft-spoken. Yet if you know the art of combining fashion and leather – you will surely stand out and look unique from a crowd of hundreds.

Young people will find it quite sporty; so if you are dealing with youthful crowds, this leather jacket will make you look like team leader. If you are from the tech industry – this is a coders delightful outfit.

As a biker – this is the racing kit you will ever need.

  • 100% pure and original soft silky leather
  • Sporty and energetic look is the first impression
  • Feel and look 10 years younger
  • Biker accessory and weapon to impress
  • Tourist outfit
  • Never wears and tears

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