Mens Stylish Distressed Leather Jacket

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Mens Stylish Distressed Leather Jacket

Hit-man, Macho-Man, Gritty and Witty Style Leather Jacket

If you are looking for the highly experienced look of a macho-man; one who knows his trade and persona well, the one who is respected and looked up to for help and advice; this is the leather outfit that commands high sense of sophistication.

The distressed and faded features of the jacket give it a natural aging – which adds to your personality. People with industrial background or having a connection with industrial background will find this distressed leather jacket reflecting their own mindset and thoughts.

Made to last, durable, stylish, minimalist, yet far ahead from being immature and teen-trendy, this distressed leather jacket has a league of its own. People of a group or cult will relate to it. The slim-fit style will not make you feel out of fashion sense.

The leather jacket has a versatile appeal – combine and mix it with any pair of denim of any color; the jacket will upper-adjust your style, dominating the overall show.

The dark brown color gives the effect of the countryside America – the feel of adventurism; the wild- side yet keeping intact the sober side of you, the leather jacket will have a story to tell as it ages.

  • Rugged style
  • 100% pure leather
  • Hand-finished to achieve distressed looks
  • Pure biker style leather jacket
  • Made to last, durable and slim-fit
  • Fit for the one who perceives life a battle of the best.
  • Will make you look like the industrial icon
  • Made for people who want to be seen as dominating with leadership qualities.

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