Trendy Look Black Leather Jacket

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Trendy Look Black Leather Jacket

The lockdown and the knockdown outfit, the adventurous, the resistance outfit – you are young and energetic, yet you possess a mysterious side to your strategic personality.

For such a person with many plans, who wants to change the system – this leather jacket speaks your mind. Rough, faded, futuristic looks yet wears the retro style finish. A versatile fashion item you would love once you wear it.

Wear it as a biker, wear it as a gang-member, wear it as a part of a cult or resistance – your college and university collection will make you look upright, straightforward and smart.

Walk every move unannounced. Such is the charm of this black leather jacket – made with rough and tough attitude in mind, the leather gear is a perfect symbol of demanding change to your life, environment and system.

Wear the grit, the grunge, the toughness with you – this is the message you will exhibit with this leather apparel. Carry the retro of the 70’s and 80’s.

  • Pure leather – wear and tear makes it look more customized, adapted and graceful
  • 100% hand-made – the charm and beauty of leather is reflected with hand-made finishing
  • Rusty and grunge look-wearing leather jacket makes you look like a macho-man
  • Look like a rebel, a leader of the resistance
  • Gamer outfit
  • Wear it with a mask to have the cowboy look.

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