Men Brown Cafe Racer Distressed Jacket

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Men Brown Cafe Racer Distressed Leather Jacket

Want to look cool? Do you want to be seen as fashion-sensible, elegant yet youthful? When you meet with friends for a weekly meet-up, wouldn’t it be good if you looked super stylish and smart? Brown carries the essence of soberness, elegance, straightforward elements in your style. Add brown shoes or a brown leather jacket – elegance of brown lifts you above all others. Add grey pants, with brown shoes and you look in control.

The combination of original leather, grey pants and a set of Ray Ban sunglasses makes you look like a boss. Adopt the style and people will notice.

Distressed leather grows with time, it develops unique wrinkles and marks of agedness, growing more comfortable, soft and more elegant.

Join the biker gang, meet up with friends, run a business, attend a conference in brown, you are set to turn the heads and get noticed. For a racer, brown distressed jacket, is your journey’s best friend. Carry the style, signature and durability of original leather as you ride.

Grow and develop a group of biker boys who love flaunting original leather. With distressed brown leather, a black Harley Davidson helmet with a touch of orange stripe running over the top of the helmet, will make you look ahead of your peers.

Include this unique leather apparel in your collection; see it grow in grace every day.

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