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Celebrity Inspired Jackets

Model: 344
Garret Hedlund is an inspiring young actor that featured in the Science fiction action-adventure of 2010 – Tron Legacy.The challenging character of Garret that goes by the name of Sam Flynn in the movie was an ultimate show of aplomb and style. Garret was seen wearing a very trendy sleek Slim Fit Ja..
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Model: 308
Celebrity jackets have been a staple of the fashion industry for as long as anyone can remember. Either it is to make a fashion statement, it is for the purpose of protection, or it serves both of those purposes. It is the defining characteristic of your unique sense of style. The G.I. Joe: The Rise..
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Model: 197
Our jacket is sure to be your best option if you're looking for something that strikes a good balance between being timeless and making a statement. This From Paris with Love John Travolta Brown Leather Coat is an exact copy of the one that John Travolta wore in the 2010 action movie "From Pari..
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Model: 475
This Drive Scorpion Ryan Gosling Black Jacket is an exact reproduction of the outerwear that you may recognize from the film "Drive," which was produced in the United States of America. 2011 was the year it was released, and Ryan Gosling's performance left a lasting impression on many people. R..
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Model: 227
This wonderful jacket with a trendy appearance first appeared in the program Doctor Who and was worn by none other than Christopher Eccleston in his role as the titular character. This Christopher Eccleston Faux Leather Jacket from Dr. Who is created from authentic material one hundred percent of th..
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Model: 303
Stipend Bowler, who plays the role of Chief Law Keeper Jeb Nolan on the critically acclaimed television series Defiance, inspired us to build this upper for all of the design fans who are out there. Since Nolan first sported it, this upper has been the subject of intense consumer interest and has ge..
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Model: 383
Without a doubt, "Carlito's Way" was the movie that solidified "Al-Pacina" as a superb performer. The two items from the movie that stand out are "Carlito" and his distinctive coat. A symbol of excellence is the Charlie Brigante coat. It has an unusual leather finish and a long coat-like structure. ..
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Model: 31
Put on something outstanding, especially the top of your outfit, if you want to attract the attention of the crowd that is surrounding you. This is especially important for you to do. Easy Rider was the title of a film that was produced by Columbia Pictures and released the same year, 1969. In which..
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Model: 270
It is the time to get in an utmost sophisticated style with this Steve Roger leather jacket inspired by Chris Evan's wardrobe portraying Steve Roger in the smash hit movie Captain America First Avenger. The jacket is being replicated as original as depicted in the movie. It has been finished in a da..
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Model: 385
When a trench style is inspired by none other than the look that Oscar-winning actor Brad Pitt wore in the Mystery movie Seven, can we expect anything conventional to come our way? This coat is highly sought after for the versatility of its styling, and when that look was inspired by a trench style,..
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Model: 295
Because of its extraordinary and action-packed plot, the movie Bangkok Dangerous was able to attract the attention of millions of people. In addition to this, the main character, Joe, was played by Nicolas Cage, who impressed his fans with his acting abilities in the role of the fierce and bold Joe...
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Model: 294
By releasing this jacket into circulation, we hope to pay homage to the iconic role that Richie Roberts played in the movie American Gangster. The manner in which this jacket by Richie Roberts was constructed is reminiscent of the upright demeanor of the character that Russell Crowe portrays. You wi..
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