Men Motorcycle Distressed Leather Jacket

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Men Distressed Motorcycle Leather Jacket

Get the Engineer’s Look and be a HIT - The best universal fashion statement is having a black or green colored pilot shades, with white striped or navy anchor print design blue or white shirt or a polo shirt, decorated with a distressed brown leather jacket. Conclude the style with neat gray shaded khaki jeans and brown leather shoes.

A combination that is appealing, heroic and very professionally sober. Walk or ride your heavy bike with this style and you can be a talk of the town, a hit in your friends circle. If you’re looking to make fashion waves – make leather an essential part.

The all-purpose, all-style versatile brown leather jacket carries its own appeal. The appeal of sophistication. Mix it with casual t-shirts, denims and a helmet – you’re set to go for a ride.

Try it out for the night’s event out with your friends at a night club – you never feel and look out of the league. But instead, you will feel and look in focus, in control of the situation. Original leather commands respect and gives you a higher style domination.

Carry yourself as an engineer or a project manager with this distressed leather jacket – brown gives power to your body language overall.

Gain command, confidence as you walk out today and hit the roads – be a local fashion icon. Wear your brand every day. Invest in original and authentic clothing. Wear the winning combination. Define your style at work, at home and on weekends.

Want to stay style savvy – add leather to your wardrobe, grow universal.

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