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International Size Guide

The below size conversion tables are provided as a general guide for converting international size labels for jackets and coats to aid international customers.

When ordering a jacket from our website we would above all recommend that you consult the size chart for that garment (the size guide is located at the bottom of the product page), and then measure your chest and stomach at the widest points over normal clothes that you plan to wear under the jacket or coat. Then look up the size that corresponds to the widest torso measurement whether that be your chest or stomach if you wish to do the jacket up. Please note that taking measurements over anything other than normal day wear will give an incorrect measurement, so we would strongly advise against measuring over-dressing gowns and thicker layers than those you plan to wear underneath the jacket or coat. For ladies when taking their chest measurement it is essential that if you wear a bra that you have on and a typical top style that you plan to wear before measuring.