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Shearling Jackets

Leather jackets have been a staple of the fashion industry for years. The leather jacket is the perfect statement piece to dress up a casual outfit. Leather jackets with a lot of features have recently gained a lot of popularity among people.

Sheepskin Shearling Jackets:

Shearling jackets are also known as sheepskin jacket, and it should be clear what it means. Shearling jackets are some of the most famous flight jackets ever produced. Sheepskin shearling jackets are one of the warmest and most pleasant outerwear. Shearling has known for being cozy and comfortable. Nowadays, they are also known for their sense of style and fashion. In addition to being the most stylish uniform jackets worn by Second World War aviators, shearling jackets have been adapted by various manufacturers to offer a traditional aesthetic, more warmth, better practicality, and more detail to a wide variety of jackets and coat types.

Specifications of Sheepskin Shearling Jackets:

Shearling jackets are made from lamb or sheep with the fur still connected. The fur serves as a natural lining on the inside, and the outside is polished and processed to create high-quality genuine leather. It includes a shearling collar, zipper or button closure, fur hemline, fur cuffs, and much more.

Benefits of Sheepskin Shearling Jackets:

The benefits of a shearling sheepskin jacket are listed below.

Incredible Warmth:

Sheep's wool can insulate air flow more effectively than other materials. It means that even in cold weather, the sheepskin shearling jackets or coats created from these furs would ensure that the wearer stays warm for a long period of time.

Highly Durable:

One of the great benefits of sheepskin shearling jackets is that they can easily last for several decades as compared to other kinds of fur jackets. These jackets are renowned for their high level of durability.


Shearling sheepskin jackets are lightweight, making them a comfortable choice for outerwear.


Shearling sheepskin jackets are highly water-resistant, which is another main benefit.

Model: 548
Discover the perfect blend of style and functionality in our Armando Shearling Jacket.This jacket, which was made with the highest care, is intended to keep you warm and stylish during the cooler months.Made from durable leather and luxurious shearling fur, this jacket offers exceptional warmth w..
£119.99 Ex Tax:£119.99
Model: 547
Presenting the Raphael Double Breasted Coat Delight, the epitome of iciness fashion. This coat seamlessly combines style and functionality. Embrace the warmth and luxury provided by the fur collar, while the front button closure ensures a comfortable fit. Equipped with two outer pockets and two inne..
£110.00 Ex Tax:£110.00
Model: 545
We know that a good coat is essential in colder weather, and this Roberto Grey Shearling Mid-length Coat is the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Made of high-quality leather and shearling, it features a front button closure for a snug fit, two outside pockets for easy storage, and two inside pocke..
£239.00 £198.00 Ex Tax:£198.00
Model: 544
This is the perfect jacket for any cold weather outing. The shearling lining will keep you warm and the front zipper closure ensures your warmth stays inside. Plus, two outside pockets will keep your things safe and organized, while two inside pockets provide plenty of storage for whatever you need...
£99.99 Ex Tax:£99.99
Model: 543
Introducing the Deacon Brown Aviator Jacket. This stylish leather and fur-collared jacket is perfect for any weather condition. With front zipper closure and two outside pockets, it keeps your essentials close at hand while keeping you warm and comfortable. The shearling lining pieces together the l..
£255.00 £167.00 Ex Tax:£167.00
Model: 542
Leonidas is the perfect winter jacket for those who demand the best in quality and performance. This 100% leather, fur collar, front zipper closure, two outside pockets, two inside pockets jacket is designed specifically to keep you warm and dry on cold days. The shearling lining not only provides e..
£119.99 Ex Tax:£119.99
Model: 541
Johnathan Erik Brown Waxed Jacket is perfect for those colder days. The leather, fur collar and front zipper closure keep you warm while the two outside pockets and two inside pockets make it easy to carry everything you need. The shearling lining keeps you comfortable all day long.Features:External..
£99.99 Ex Tax:£99.99
Model: 540
The Kendrick Brown Shearling Jacket is designed to keep you warm and comfortable on those cold days. The wool and fur collar will keep your neck warmth locked in, while the front zipper closure ensures a snug fit. The two outside pockets can hold your essentials, while the two inside pockets offer p..
£99.99 Ex Tax:£99.99
Model: 539
Donovan Collin Black Shearling Stand-up Collar Jacket is the perfect winter jacket. It's made of top-quality leather, and features a front zipper closure for easy entry and exit. There are two outside pockets and two inside pockets, giving you plenty of storage space. The shearling lining provides e..
£259.00 £168.00 Ex Tax:£168.00
Model: 538
Winston Brown Lambskin Jacket is the perfect winter jacket. It's made of top-quality leather, and features a front buttonclosure for easy entry and exit. There are two outside pockets and two inside pockets, giving you plenty of storage space. The shearling lining provides extra warmth, while the fu..
£245.00 £179.00 Ex Tax:£179.00
Model: 537
Elevate your wardrobe with a touch of rugged sophistication by adding a brown jacket to your collection. Among the diverse range of outerwear options, a leather jacket in brown for men stands out as a versatile and timeless choice.Main Features: Classic Brown Hue: The rich, earthy tone of..
£229.00 £189.00 Ex Tax:£189.00
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